Saturday, 25 December 2010

An Antidotal Salad

A salad to spark up Christmas stodge... With chilli and ginger, this salad will cut through the heavy wintry foods, while the fruits and walnuts give a festive feel.

Red Cabbage
Lacto-Fermented Green Beans (if available - see previous post)
White Grapes
Dried Figs
Dried Cranberries

for the vinaigrette:
Root Ginger
A Chilli
Balsamic Vinegar
Walnut Oil
Sunflower Oil
Apple and Quince juice (Drove Orchards...)

Thinly slice the cabbage, and mix with remainder of ingredients minus the walnuts, all roughly chopped to please.  I used Lacto-Fermented Green Beans, as I had a jar to hand, they are good for the gut and really perk up the flavours.  If you have dried Cranberries, I'd toss a handful of those in too, for festive flavour and colour.  Douse the lot in the vinaigrette, mixed to taste, leave overnight as this salad improves with age.  Top with toasted walnuts when serving.

Lovely with cold meats, a good flu-buster and antidote to Christmas-induced stodginess.  Perfect for brunch on Christmas day or a Boxing Day banquet.

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