Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Brunch - Shaggy Inkcaps on Toast

 In the fields this morning Amelia came across a huddle of Shaggy Inkcaps, Coprinus Comatus.  

 Eat Shaggy Inkcaps when young and white; as they turn red to black and the rims curl up, the flavour becomes unpleasant.

 The Shaggy Inkcap is also known as the Lawyer's Wig.  Not to be confused with the Common Inkcap, Coprinus atrementarius, poisonous when mixed with alcohol.


Mushrooms on Toast 

- Is it not quite the best way to eat Mushrooms?  Fried with Butter and Garlic, served on toast for a late Autumnal breakfast.

 Chop the Mushrooms and fry in a touch of Butter, a tonne of Garlic, a sprinkling of Salt and Pepper.

Serve on Sourdough Toast, scattered with Parsley.

With their delicate flavour rising through the garlic... keen to breakfast on these again!


A-foraging Mushrooms with Willow... (background)


For more on Mushrooms see: Notes: on Forage, Mushrooms and the Noma Cookbook.


  1. Oh wow! love the pics of the mushrooms in the field!

  2. Aren't they gorgeous pics Melanie, thanks! And indeed, P & R a sumptuous brekka! Thanks for your comments.


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