Monday, 11 July 2011

On that Gooseberry Theme... Here's a Gin

With the gooseberries still fruiting, I couldn't (of course) refrain from making a bottle of the Gin.  The Juniper bitterness of Gin seems to combine with many a fruit:  in Summer it's Gooseberries and Whitecurrants (here I've combined the two), in Winter Damsons (drool) and that ol' hip-flask filler: Sloe Gin.

I ad-libbed, but let's say:  300g Fruit to 150g Sugar and 600ml Gin.

Top, tail and prick the Gooseberries, slightly squish the Whitecurrants, cover with the Sugar and Gin. Put in a lidded bottle and shake regularly over the next two months.  Then strain and bottle for sumptuous height-of-summer-filled Gin and Tonics...

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