Thursday, 14 July 2011

Last night: A Huddled Banquet.

As yester'eve, the winds began to whirl, the rain to spill, the fires were lit and a simple summer supper became rather a huddled banquet.

Merguez on Puy Lentils

To commence: 
Sortov Brawn from De-Lish oSpelt and Linseed Sourdough with Sweet Pickled Cucumber
Followed by:
Merguez (De-Lish again) on Puy Lentils with Broad Beans
Grilled Courgettes amd Baby Leeks
Caraway and Balsamic roasted Beetroot
Goat's Yogurt with Spring Onion and Land-Cress

Courgettes from the garden

Pickled Beetroot (see Recipe)

Welsh and French Goat's Cheeses
Chocolate/Almond Brownie

Panier of gifts from A and N...

in that brown-paper-package-tied-up-with-string: 
an Almond/Chocolate Brownie, baked at break o' dawn...

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